Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Modern Business is particularly at risk from unethical attacks by competitors, simple opportunists or disgruntled employees.

Phoenix Intelligent Solutions have a wealth of experience operating in the surveillance and counter surveillance field.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Although under no circumstances would a Phoenix Intelligent Solutions employee undertake any form of illegal telephone or room monitoring all employees are fully trained in the latest techniques used by unethical “buggists” and are therefore well placed to protect you and your business from these attacks.

“Sweeping” a room involves a lot more than you may have seen on popular television shows such as “Spooks”. All our operators have received comprehensive training and are highly experienced in searching for illegally placed devices. The threat is not just from competitors, wireless cameras the size of screw heads can now be purchased for less than £10 on the internet. These devices are utilised by criminals to capture banking details, passwords etc. Worryingly we have also seen them used by perverts in female changing rooms and toilets.

Responsible employers must consider their duty of care to their clients and employees. Phoenix Intelligent Solutions Ltd are able to offer a full TSCM protection service for your business or anywhere else you may wish to be secure such as a study at home or even your vehicle.

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