Business Continuity Planning

What is it?

Regrettably, and, almost unbelievably, we are all too often asked that very question. It seems inconceivable to us that in the light of the recent Terrorist atrocities in London, some Company Directors and Senior Management Teams appear not to have thought about this vitally important area of strategic level planning.

Business Continuity Planning

Don’t take our word for it here are the words of the Security Service (MI5), “.. Business continuity planning is obviously not just driven by terrorism, but it would be critical to your business's survival if it was affected by a terrorist incident. And the benefits have an even wider impact. Every year nearly one in five businesses suffers a major disruption, and planning to deal with those disruptions is widely regarded as good business sense.” [Source: MI5 website]

As you can see effective business continuity planning is critical to ensuring that the essential functions of your business can carry on despite an emergency, it does not really matter if that emergency is a full blown terrorist action or, more likely, something much more mundane such as a gas leak or burst water main. Have you considered what you would do if you turned up at your premises and were unable to carry out your core business?

Phoenix Intelligent Solutions Ltd can provide your business no matter what size with bespoke continuity plans. This service includes where necessary the sourcing and provision of any essential equipment or services that you would require in the event of an emergency.

For further advice from the Government, visit the MI5’s advice pages.

Link to MI5's Advice Pages