Physical Security

Physical Security is an important element in today’s commercial world. It should be seen as an essential activity which is complimentary to any business strategy and vision. Sadly the integrity of some employees and the growing fraternity of criminals are becoming more of a headache to all organisations, and, unfortunately we can no longer rely purely on the Police to deal with such problems.

Physical Security

Some shortsighted organizations have very poor arrangements in place and this is ultimately to blame for them being targeted by unscrupulous competitors, disgruntled employees or opportunists. This failure, apart from the obvious loss of assets can also see haemorrhaging of vital information extremely rapidly. In today’s electronic age, data theft is on the increase and with devices becoming smaller yet able to store vast quantities of data things can only get worse. Does your organisation have a policy on iPods or Bluetooth enabled devices in the workplace for example?

At Phoenix we provide a dynamic and comprehensive solution to the above.

We will provide a security information policy, bring staff up to date with current industry best practice, educate Senior Management Teams and work in partnership with you to implement at all levels a sound policy. Through a comprehensive security audit we can highlight your organizations main areas of weakness. Risk assess your internal and external physical security (CCTV Access control information security policy), make staff aware of their security responsibilities, implement a basic information security training program from grass roots to the MD and most importantly this will work in synergy with your continuity plan to ensure that even in the event of an emergency the integrity of your vital information will remain protected.