Surveillance : noun

Etymology : French, from surveiller to watch over, from sur- + veiller to watch.

Surveillance is simply, as you can see, literally the observation of a person or persons, location, or an item. It is carried out to determine unequivocally what the person is doing, who is entering or leaving a location or what is happening to an item. Surveillance can be carried out by overt means for example, CCTV cameras or, covertly by the use of electronic devices such as listening devices and also by the use of covert human intelligence operators.


ARIC offera a full ethical and legal surveillance service to other professionals such as Insurance Companies and Solicitors where we have a wealth of experience in evidence gathering for fraudulent claims. We will also undertake surveillance for private individuals at our discretion.

We also offer a counter surveillance service. If you feel that you or other members of your organisation may be a target of a surveillance team, then we are expert at countering the threat and, can offer pre-emptive training in this field to make you or key staff surveillance “aware”. Simple techniques can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble at a later time.

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